Awareness can be a bitch

"to be aware is to be alive"
(a phrase heard often in the 'rooms' around the world)

i have written here in the past about how much the world needs to wake the fuck up, how folks ought to take notice of their surroundings, live according to the golden rule...

but one of the side effects of being aware of one's place in the universe is being responsible for one's actions.

admittedly, i've been a bit pissy the last few weeks. i haven't been able to run. that's why. i know it. but that doesn't give me an excuse to be debbie downer to everyone else in the world.

i noticed myself being curt and snippy with coworkers, with customers, with whoevs.

not acceptable.

gonna work on that.


  1. I first read that last bit as "being curt and snippy with coworkers, with customers, with whores" and I was thinking that you really needed to be nice to the whores.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA! oh, i am. i'm always kind to whores ;-)

  3. That post would have been SO MUCH BETTER if it actually included you reminding yourself to be nicer to whores. I needed that laugh. Oh god.