Do somethin' new at 32!

why the fuck not? i might not have another 32 years left, so let's get some shit done now!

i'm another year older today -- i feel great, thanks -- and i've always said that when i start losing the desire to learn something new, then that's the day i wanna get hit by a bus. fortunately, that day hasn't ever come... so on i go.

and this year the new hobby is mixing. a buddy of mine hooked me up so i bought some tables and a mixer, then went and dug up some old records at a thrift shop. now i'm busy scratchin', slidin', matchin' and makin' mixes that include the eurythmics (lots of eurythmics), BT, portishead and some funky vocal tracks from a 1950s era instructional guide to music! it may not be armin van buuren at this point, but fuck, i'm doin' somethin' new and exciting and that gives me a great big bonerjam!!!

so quit puttin' off what you wanted to learn yesterday, or last week, or last year even... go out and do that shit now!

dj sky god! anyone?

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