Is it me or is it hollyweird?

when it comes to the movies that come out nowadays, i feel like an old curmudgeon forced to ponder whether my pissy attitude is based on nostalgia or whether or not they just don't make movies like they used to.

when i think of my favorite flicks, none of them have been made past 1994.

i try. i mean, i really do try to get excited about movies still but i've just been left disappointed so many times that i feel like the white flag is necessary.

nowadays i go to the movie theatre once or twice a year. that's it. and i make sure i'm going to see a movie that i'm already lined up to enjoy. i saw war horse recently. it was... okay. not great. but not "oh-here's-another-shitty-remake" bad.

i like to think that shitstorms come in cycles too. so maybe there's hope that the movie industry will escape from the one its been in the last decade.


  1. I fucking hope so. TV's gotten worse too. So much for the golden era of the early 2000's. Anymore I just read a lot. Outside of work, I haven't been to a movie theater in over a year. This is the only movie I wanted to see this year, and I think I missed it:

  2. i gave up on tv a long time ago, but then along came THE WIRE, BREAKING BAD, 30 ROCK and now my new favorite PORTLANDIA.

    as for "sleeping beauty". um... wow. i gotta check that one out too! or at least... TRY.