The idiotverse

the worst part about being intelligent is that you are surrounded by idiots.

they're everywhere. literally EV. ERY. WHERE.

the other day we had a snow storm in chicago. it wasn't a ton of snow, just 5 inches, but it all came at once and caused some pretty gnarly carnage on the main streets. my commute home from work generally takes 10 minutes. on that day, it took AN HOUR and 10 minutes.

this was mostly because idiots occupied the streets. intersections blocked by idiots. angry drivers being cut off by idiots. wrecks being caused by idiots roaming the streets with no regard for THE FUCKING BAZILLION CARS TRYING TO NAVIGATE THE SNOWED IN STREETS.

sometimes all the idiocy around me leaves me with little hope. i feel like i have to retreat into the sanctuary of my own home/mind to avoid the fallout from the mass idiocy that has taken our world hostage.

whether it's eschewing the rules of the road during a white out, or touting the healing powers of an invisible sky daddy, my patience for idiocy is about as taxed and tattered as it could ever be.


  1. no doubt. and the more of them there are concentrated in one single place, the more idiotic they become.