can't i go into a walgreens without being reminded that i don't fit the status quo, that i haven't had a meaningful relationship that lasted more than 3 months in over a decade?

can't i just buy my ice packs and shoe inserts and dentyne arctic chill without all the "HEY LOSER, LOOK AT WHAT ALL THE COOL KIDZ IZ BUYIN!!!"?

srsly, why don't they sell dentyne artic chill by the pack? i always seem to have to buy them in bulk. that's bogus.

(image via skull swap)

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  1. Societal pressure be damned. Being single does not a loser make.

    As for the V-Day visual assault, real romance is indeed a beautiful thing. Valentine's Day on the other hand is a lame, silly, Hallmark holiday. It's Tru Luv (TM): The Marketing Campaign. Some couples really do enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day and I think that can also be a beautiful thing…for them. We all have our traditions. Some people juggle geese and all that. But folks who go to Walgreen's to buy one of those cheesy, giant cardboard boxes that probably taste better than the paraffined milk chocolates they contain, generally aren't buying a Valentine's Gift because they think it's a meaningful holiday with beautiful traditions that they really want to share with their honey. No, more likely than not, they've bought or were whipped into buying the marketing campaign, which is hardly cool in my book.