Still tasting the rainbow

knee high rainbow socks make me as horny as a twenty-horned toad! i don't know why. maybe it harkens back to my ecstasy-laden candy-ravin' youth. not sure. but sometimes i will do a google search like this and then just salivate over the results.

i'm sure there's a fetish club for this rainbow sock lovin' addiction i got.



  1. You bastard. I mistakenly opened that link at work. (Well, mistakenly might be a stretch, but still.) Damn you!

    ps. And once I'm home, thank you!
    pps. While the rainbow socks are definitely an idiosyncratic trigger, I'm going to just throw it out there that it probably has more to do with whose wearing 'em. I mean, if Russell Brand worse those things, I'd hope it didn't do the same thing for you.

  2. true story on the wearer being important. thanks for making me throw up picturing mr. brand in some rainbow knee-highs.

    also, i thought "salivate" was a good enough warning that it might not be suitable for work ;-)