ahh yes, that age old propensity to give credit to the miracles of an invisible sky daddy who can hear all thoughts (and convict you of THOUGHT CRIME!!!) rather than see things for what they are, with fact.

it's just too easy to say so-and-so beat cancer because cindy christian "prayed" about it. nevermind the chemo, the medicine and myriad other treatment options.

in fact, for cindy christian to think she's so important that she has the FUCKING EAR OF GAWD to request with it whatever she likes kinda proves just how pompous and egocentric xtrian folks tend to be.

and why doesn't cindy christian's invisible sky daddy answer her prayers to stop those children from getting raped, or those wives from getting beaten, or those tsunamis from wrecking entire villages!?!?

pray harder, cindy christian. pray HARDER.

(image via smbc)


  1. I may or may not have told you this before, but it certainly relates to this prayer/healing shit:

    Three years ago I nearly croaked from pneumonia(came down with it the day I was going to a John Stossel luncheon...another great Libertarian spokesman, BTW). A couple of months after I recovered, my religitard older brother proceeded to virtually take credit for the "miracle" of my recovery because he and some of my other religitard friends/family members gathered in the hospital chapel to pray for me.

    Needless to say, I ridiculed the shit out of him, pointing out that had the doctors opted to not stick me with eight IVs full of the most potent anti-biotic pneumonia ass-whoopin shit available and instead, had relied on the delusionoid group prayer, he would be piously standing around proclaiming that my passing was part of "God's Plan(tm)".

    We haven't spoken in three years because of his delicate delusionoid sensibilities.

  2. "God's Plan(tm)" <----- HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    sorry that religitardness has separated you from family. it's done me the same. but they're the ones being silly, so it's on them i say.

    and if it's any consolation, i'm glad the doctors pumped ya full of IV fluid too! i've learned a whole lot from you! i wonder if that's part of sky daddy's plan too... lol. wish sky daddy would concentrate more on getting me laid than surrounding me with enlightened folks, but i'll take what i can get!