I'm sorry. so, so sorry.

i didn't want to do it. in fact, i fought it. long and hard.

it was a present. i swear. from my dad.

and there it sat, for over a month, because i refused to acknowledge that the time had come.

after nearly a month, and several inquiries from my father as to what i thought, i decided it was finally time.

so i fired it up.
and just as i suspected, i fell in love. instantly.

i'm so sorry, lovely physical books taking up an entire room of my otherwise spacious apartment. i'm so, so sorry...


  1. And now, "buy" and download the free Kindle ebook "The Flinch", by Julien Smith. It isn't very long, but it will make you think.

  2. Welcome to the dark side, my young 25. I have a Nook, and I freaking love it. I still buy physical copies of my favorite books I'll reread, but now I don't have shelves and crates full of stuff I just like, didn't, or took an unfortunate risk on. And as someone who reads a lot, and has moved 6 times in 7 years, it was both a pleasure, necessary, and a life-saver. I'm a firm believer, anyway, in that it's the story that matters, the format/vehicle in which its delivered is secondary.

    If you're looking for something to scare the ever-lovin' shit out of you, I reccomend Foer's Eating Animals.