More tea party jeebus

hm. not quite, tea party jeebus. not quite.

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  1. Unfortunately, I have. And she took all the things she did and turned them into lies and claimed I was the one who did them. She hit me, and then tried to claim I had hit her. She threatened me, and claimed I threatened her. Fortunately, she did some of that in front of the sheriff as her lawyer tried to physically restrain her, so she lost her credibility. How's that for messed up?

    Another fun tidbit: she had been barred from adopting animals from shelters because of "abuse and neglect", but when we split, she sent the sheriff to collect her cat, saying she was afraid I would harm him. The cat and I liked each other- more than either of us liked her- and hurting him never even occurred to me. I gave him good quality food (not grocery store brands). After she got him from me, she gave him to a friend of hers because she couldn't have pets in her mom's apartment, and he eventually vanished.

    So, I pretty much ignore negative things ex-wives claim. I do put a lot of credence into positive things ex-wives say, though.