What's your mutant power?!?!


i can run really long distances without getting too tired.

it's not quite the sexy mutant power though, i admit.

how 'bout you? what's YOUR mutant power?


  1. Hmmmm. Perhaps it is that I can get sexual thoughts from any circumstance.

  2. lol. well, i'm sure that could come in handy, especially if you're the last man on earth and in a dire situation!

  3. Mine is a disturbingly spongelike memory for everything except putting a name to a face. Recipients of a mass mortgage offer and their general financial status? Check. Credit card and social security numbers? Check - though fortunately I forgot them once I stopped working at the bookstore. If someone comes to dinner at our place once, I will remember their food preferences, any allergies, family details, projects they're responsible for at work, etc. indefinitely but I wouldn't be able to pick their face out of a crowd if you paid me. It's a fun talent right up until you freak people out by remembering a little too much detail. The data team at my last job actually referred to this as my mutant ability...and they called me a witch, but with affection, LOL.

  4. HAHA! i dig it. i'd call it something cool like BLIND MEMORY or something like that.

  5. I don't really know if its an ability, but I've always been good at math... Its one of those subjects I never had to study much of after middle school. I can solve most problems in my head, which got me in trouble with classes sometimes, but my answers were rarely wrong.
    Even stranger though with my ease of math I am horrible at chemistry.
    I think my favorite thing about math was you were either right...or wrong. There was no room for discussion.

    That and like most females I have the amazing ability to cry on command.

  6. yours seems to be the most practical, TNW... and being good at math is also going to come in handy! *RIMSHOT*