Penis drawing fever

i've been noticing penises showing up on random signage, billboards, bus stop benches. it's been going on for a while now.

but when i was in new york i was floored by how many dicks i saw penciled and markered in just about everywhere. in the trains, on the trains, on the train platforms. it's quite the pandemic.

i wonder if monkeys go around drawing dicks in the dirt to show their friends.

i'm betting they do.


  1. It happens here in a small, insignificant Texas town, too.

    I found one scrawled on a bench at the park, and labeled "Noes dick".

    So, with my marker I added something like "What a shame it is so deformed. He must be so embarrassed."

    I add little comments to the "gang (wanna-be) graffiti" too. Stuff like "Gangs are for pussies. Grow up.". And "As stupid and pathetic as gangs are, it's even dumber to pretend you're in one".

    Yeah, I shouldn't add to the scribblings, but it's funny. To me.

  2. yeah, i'd say most of the scribbled wangs are quite deformed. apparently anatomy class was skipped ;-)