This is some sick shit

rick perry is a christian. fine, everybody knows that.

but this dude is one of those uber sick and twisted christians (redundant? yes?) who injects his delusions into the everyday goings on of the state. y'know, like encouraging prayer in public schools and asking his fellow statesmen to pray for a solution to his state's problems rather than actually doing any-fucking-thing about them.

how have we gotten to this point? how have we -- a society that has gone to the moon, a society that has prolonged the average lifespan, a society that prides itself on so-called "liberties" -- how have we allowed these fucking delusionoids the power to wield their fairy tales as weapons of the state?

i know it has become somewhat cliche to say shit like, "if so and so is elected president, i'm moving to another country"; and the truth is: the cancer of religion has already infected the political infrastructure, so much so that it really doesn't matter who the president is anyway, but goddamn it if rick perry wouldn't be the ripest reason to get the hell off this rock.


  1. He's holding up two fingers... is that his IQ or the number of working brain cells in his head?

    This is why the only way to "run things" is by unanimous consent. As long as you go along with it, you pay and play. If you'd rather not, then you find your own path. Having a State that can be co-opted by twisted delusionoids of any sort is a recipe for disaster. But I'm not ready to abandon my family, friends, and home to the bad guys. I'll stay and piss them off by being right.

  2. Notice that the headline changed and is different in the link than it appears on the site?

    The funny thing is, if the Christian delusionoids are right, Perry is exactly the sort of person the Anti-Christ would be: a man who has fooled the Christians into believing he is one of them. Obviously, they are not right; it is all a myth. But it still fascinates me how many don't even remember their own stories.

  3. i don't think his IQ is THAT high.

    and i remind my delusionoid family members all the time about how contradictory their own "stories" are. their response is always "god has a plan" and "he made the bible that way to test us", etc. BLA BLA BLA.

    insanity. that's what it is. nothing short of that.