Predictable george makes hitler angry

every time there's a new format for a film (vhs, laser disc, dvd, now BLU RAY), george lucas shits all over his three star wars classics. he adds cgi yoda, he adds cgi jabba, he adds cgi breasts-- wait, no. WHY HASN'T HE ADDED CGI BREASTS?!?!?

anyway, if you haven't heard by now, he's screwing with perfection AGAIN.

and hitler is pissed.


  1. For some reason, all of your embedded videos are cut off on the right side. I can't read the captions on this one at all.

  2. it's because youtube switched to the widescreen format and my blog's theme doesn't support it i guess. i suggest you click on the title of the vid and watch it via youtube. it's pretty funny.