the body and adaptation of the mind in the absence of sex

the human body is a remarkable thing.

we have become the alpha species on earth because of our extreme adaptability. starting as a single celled organism 2.1 trillion years ago, which eventually became what we understand to be bipedal apes 3 million years ago, it only took 2 and half million years before the first homo erectus started gettin' jiggy.

and you know what else?

it took my body four days to even realize i hadn't masturbated... in four days!

the mind distracted itself while my body went into shock.

i think.


  1. Wow. So how do you make it up to yourself after neglect like that? Do readily accept flowers? Or do you get all pouty, play hard to get and make yourself apologize profusely?

  2. hehe. well, i'm not sure yet, but i do know i ain't gonna end up like this guy: http://bossip.com/450854/elsewhere-in-the-world-brazilian-teenager-dies-after-masturbating-42-times-without-stopping-43081/