From fearless to comfortably numb and fighting to get back

one of the hallmarks of my character used to be that i was pretty fearless. moving to another country on a whim. taking a road never traveled just to see where it goes. walking into a new place and immersing myself in whatever might be happening there without even thinking about it.

i used to do all of that.


but somewhere in the last 2 or 3 years i became that proverbial "old man", perfectly stuck in what's familiar, even if not comfortable; i became repugnant of risk, a sort of slave to routine.

i feel like that this change has taken a toll on me. and i'm ready to go back to the adventurous spirit i once was. i feel like a major change must take place... that i need to move or i need to find a new job or i need to just disappear for a couple weeks and... find myself?

the only problem is: i'm scared.

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