You're missing the point b-shoc

"a lot of people think that you can't have fun praisin' god. but we're here to show them different. this is fun."
-- b-shoc, christian rapper extraordinaire

hmm. is this fun? really? i don't know. seems pretty lame to me. i mean, all b-shoc is doing is copying what's popular in secular culture (which doesn't make it good music by the way) and substituting money, cash, hoes with jesus, god, souls.

it's fucking retarded.

if you really wanna praise sky daddy with your music, why not just.... be original?

now there's a novel thought.

but in case you like lame-ass white rappers who think they're cool by running their voices through autotune, go ahead and knock yourself out.... just do me a favor and actually -- and LITERALLY -- knock yourself out.


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