Best tattoo ever

i'm seriously considering getting the invisible spaghetti monster tatted on my shoulder, to go along with the tatts i already have on my arm. i'd want to transform the spaghetti monster into a tribal-esque design though... so i'm workin' on it.

if and when it is actually cut into my body i will share pics.

believe dat!


  1. If it's invisible, who's to say it isn't already tattooed on you? And how would they prove it either way?

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  3. No, Ken, it's up to YOU to prove that FSM is NOT invisibly tattooed on him! Aren't you versed in Christian "logic", dude?

  4. hahaha. yeah, you can't see it even though it's there? well... that's on you. better see it soon or else you'll suffer in fire for eternity... so goes the story... hahaha