No, don't waste your time praying 4 me

there i was, minding my own business on the train. the train stopped. i looked up. on the station wall was a big ass poster that said "CAN WE PRAY 4 U?"

i almost threw up on myself before i went for my camera to snap a pic of this abomination but by the time i was ready the train had moved on.

but if you live in the chi, you'll probably start seeing this around town. i guess it's a pretty big movement in the u.k. already.

first of all, if i believed that talking to an invisible sky daddy would get me all the things i wanted in life i would probably do it out of pure human selfishness alone, but there is not a shred of evidence that such a thing actually occurs. this makes all the time, effort and money put into this can we pray 4 u bullshit campaign a terribly awful example of how to appropriate cash to a cause. said dough would be much better spent with the red cross or the gates foundation or whatevs.

second (and probably most importantly), just because you are free to believe in spaghetti monsters and fairies and unicorns doesn't mean you should be free to tattoo my environment with your uppity claims to have some higher connection, some higher push on the world and all its events... through fucking prayer of all things. if prayer works and it's so great then why didn't god answer prayers asking him to STOP FUCKING ALLOWING THOSE PEDOPHILE PRIESTS FROM RAPING AND SODOMIZING INNOCENT YOUNG CHILDREN!?!?!?!

world famine, wars, terrorism, why i haven't been laid for a few months... DONTCHA THINK GOD OUGHTTA GET HIS SHIT TOGETHER AND START ANSWERING SOME OF THESE FUCKING PRAYERS?????

i don't think god -- if there were one (there's not) -- really has the time to grant me my petty wants and "needs"... not while the rest of the fucking world is engorged in self-destructive chaos.


  1. If we had a time machine i would show up and tip the mayans off and tell em to kill any one who comes on a ship...and make those ships dissapear too. Keep the horses though. 2nd...put a hit on Constantine. You may play with the rest of the list. have fun.

  2. @Mike - Hell, I'd go back even further, find the idiots that started christianity and exterminate them. Hell, why not even further and wipe out Abraham (if such a person even existed) or whoever started this bullshit and wipe them out too? Of course, some other idiot copy-cat religion would spring up, so we'd constantly be having to go back in time and wipe the fuckers out...so I guess your original Constantine hit would be good enough...we'd just need to frame the christians so maybe the Romans would squish 'em.



  3. One person "doing" accomplishes more than a million people praying.