WTF is boredom?

i heard a kid on the bus the other day say to his mom that he was "bored". he had a smart phone in his hands, was playing some sort of video game and had headphones in his ears connected to an ipod mini.

are you fucking kidding me?

i haven't been "bored" since 1994. that was the year we got internet hooked up in our house. i would sit there staring at the screen for five minutes at a time, just begging all the images to load on my netscape browser.

i fucking love the internet. it's like this magical portal that takes me anywhere i wanna go. i often find myself on the couch, reading or watching tv or whatevs, and something pops in my mind that i do not know about, or i get to thinking that i'd like to know more about xyz subject... i simply whip out my droid or grab my laptop and BOOM!

i'm off.

like having a more user-friendly, faster, BETTER library, right in your goddamn lap.

with that, there should be no such thing as boredom.

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