Then what about ghosts? huh?

i get this one a lot. since i'm such a staunch non-believer in god, i seem to get pummeled with the "then what about ghosts? huh?" line, as a last ditch effort to stop my "heresy" -- as if i should consider ghosts to be a truth even more than i would an invisible friend in the sky.

i don't know, what about ghosts? i've never seen one. never experienced one. never even known a person to claim to have had a real experience with one.

what is the hard science on ghosts?

that they don't exist.

the end.


  1. Who are these people with whom you keep having spiritual debates? Who's the ass-wad who has so much time on their hands that they continually berate you for your spiritual beliefs rather than your baseball allegiance?

    I can't even find time to wash my car, let alone harass someone else about shit that's none of my business.

    ps. That comic is pretty funny.

    pps. I'm surprised you didn't run with the God-as-haunting-ghost angle. I mean, American Horror Story as religious metaphor? That's primo Skykiller material. I'm also assuming you love the Jesus was a zombie stuff.

  2. lolz. oh yes, jeebus was a zombie alright. BRAINS -- er, i mean -- WINE! SANDALS! LOOK AT MY HOLY HANDS (*wink wink*).

    meanwhile, save two of us, my entire family is made up of born-again religious delusionoids who worry and pray for "my soul" on a regular basis. such was the impetus to start this blog a couple years ago -- a place where i could write whatever the fuck i wanted and not be judged by them (mostly cuz they don't know about it, HAHAHA!!!).

  3. Oh, family, I should have guessed that. Speaking of "family" and religion:


  4. I have had some experiences that, were I superstitious/religious, I would have had to put down to "ghosts" or ... something. And I still have no explanation for the weirder situations I have experienced. But you know what? It's OK to not know all the answers. I am sure that the natural world is all there is, and that there is a natural explanation for everything that has ever happened in the universe, even if I don't know what it is.

  5. kent, i'm with ya. one of the biggest reliefs i've ever felt in life was when i realized that i don't have to always have the answers, that it's impossible. liberating feeling.

    and adam, dude, that is a classic. i wish louie and i were family.