Three cheers for shitfuck

when i get frustrated (or when i'm driving), my go-to exclamation usually goes something like "ahh fuck you, you fucking shitfuck!"

that's right.


i say it all the time. i like it. i like the gnarlyness that ekes out when i utter its sound, and, like its ugly cousin "motherfucker", its literal connotation goes places i don't wanna go.

but no one else says "shitfuck". i've never heard anyone else use it. did i make it up?

i have no idea, but i'm gonna keep touting it's magical properties.


1 comment:

  1. I prefer 'horseshit' myself, and 'what the fuck is this happy horseshit?' when surprised or annoyed. Comes from a childhood spent reading a lot of Stephen King and reading and watching a lot of Westerns. I suppose it's for the best that Deadwood wasn't around to leave it's imprint in my formative years because I already say fuck waaay too much and cocksucker just isn't as socially acceptable a pet phrase...LOL.