I tebowed

the tebowing phenomenon is splitting my sides with laughter.



i even got in on the action after finishing my recent 50K race:
the funniest aspect of tebowing, to me, is that every time he does it he's saying: HEY, LOOK AT ME EVERYONE. I'M PRAYING TO MY CHRISTIAN GOD AND THAT MAKES ME BETTER THAN YOU.

the gesture is just like those from the guys who do a little touchdown dance, or jump into the stands after they score.

it's called grandstanding.

so to all who feel OFFENDED by the tebowing sensation... y'all can suck it.


  1. I think I'd find some pagan ritual posture to mimic instead. Just to be silly. Or, if I wanted to offend people even more, I'd just as soon do a stiff-armed "Heil Hitler" salute. (Hitler is about as excited about that about as god is about the tebowing since neither is aware of... well, anything.)

    Or could we invent a rational alternative. How can we show our appreciation for the awesome laws of nature that permit us to function?

  2. how about jumping jacks? seems like a safe yet equally mindless alternative!

  3. Sure. It sounds a little strenuous, so sometimes I may just strike a static "jumping jack pose" and stand there, unmoving, for a minute or so.

  4. Oooooh. So that's what Tebow is doing. Praying. And here all this time I just thought he was embracing his feminine-American-Idol-wanna-be side with an overwrought teen-diva dance finish move as his touchdown celebration. Silly me.

  5. he may be doing that too. i wouldn't be surprised!