More hair-pulling insanity!!!

how do they do it?!?!? no, SERIOUSLY. how do these delusional jeebus-loving zombies get by with being so FUCKING STUPID!?!?

watch this, and try not to throw up:

snake oil. this motherfucker is selling bullshit, just like the rest of them. and it blows me away that idiots are lining up to try this sort of wishful rain dance of absurdity.

oh, you're not praying right. you gotta pray in a circle. you gotta pray harder. you gotta pray wisdom from the scriptures.



if only such blind idiocy could be harnessed for something good, like, by actually helping people instead of hoping someone else will do it by "thinking" it.

good grief.


  1. No, no no. You just "don't have enough Jesus in you". LOL

    You should have heard all the excuses I heard back when my Christianity was evaporating due to running up against reality. Even though my only prayer was for the faith to keep up the delusion (although I didn't phrase it that way at the time), it was all somehow my fault that my prayer, for faith, was not answered.

    Prayer kills, because it causes people to not act.

  2. agreed. maybe that should be my anti-religion campaign slogan.

    of course, any such thing would be preachin' to the proverbial choir. the delusional will not accept the reality.