Oh, now it makes sense, except that, oh wait, no it doesn't

sure we get an extra hour of sleep, but like many things in our modern day american life, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


  1. Notice this is a government-created problem. If governments stayed out of it I'll bet sensible solutions would be found.

    I have noticed that our local "solar noon", the time when the sun is highest in the sky, is around 1:56 PM during Daylight Confusion Time. So our clocks are off by almost 2 hours. That's ridiculous!

    If I drive just a few hundred feet west, though, I am in "Mountain Time" and the clocks are almost right... now. My cell phone usually shows mountain time, but changes to central time just often enough to keep me unsure. So I have a wind-up pocket watch for seeing for sure what time it is.

  2. why am i not surprised. that bit about changing time zones 3-4 times within one small area of arizona was enough to make my head spin.