Pourin' out some liquor for the way things used to be

...'cuz they just don't make movie posters like they used to...



  1. Very true. But, Star Wars fan boys grow up and then some of them make amazing art. Check this out (Star Wars, meets Metropolis, meets 1930's European propaganda posters):

    Once upon a time, when I had money, I bought M Kungl's French 75. This was before he did the Star Wars and comic book stuff. If I ever have money again, I would buy the one I linked to and one or two others. And if I ever had really serious fuck you money, I would buy enough to be this guy's patron in a heart beat.

  2. yes, those are very, very cool, i must admit. but they are different (futuristic on top of nostalgia, high-techy in a classical sense) whereas the old school oil painting-like posters are really earthy. they get me goin'.