While ya worry about what you're NOT accomplishing...

...remember to look at what you ARE accomplishing.

now i don't mean to get all preachy -- SKYGOD! FUCKING FORBID I EVER GET PREACHY -- but i have been known to spend too much time worrying and complaining about worthless shit when i could have been enjoying what's right in front of my fucking face.

hmm... let's see... personally speaking:

i feel good. genuinely... i'm in good health. i have the use of all my limbs, all my senses. i am able to run every day. i eat well. i have family and friends who got my back if i need 'em. i have a home -- a nice, warm place to sleep every night. i have the ability to write every day... and i have readers (both here and in the baseball interwebs) who are genuinely interested in what i have to say.

oh, and i can fuck like a rockstar if i have to.

so there. what's missing? a paycheck for my passions? sure. but i can still pursue those dreams, those goals, with my head held high, knowing that i got it pretty good right fucking now.


now i fucking feel better.

go ahead. try it. see for yourself.

(photo by constance k.)

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