we had just begun on an otherwise boring five hour long drive when my 19 year old sister brought up the topic of religion.


most of my family knows my stance on religion (read delusionoidism) and they all know that it's best not to argue with me. in fact, we all pretty much agree to not talk about it, 'cuz many a "conversation" has ended with them crying and running away from me, angry that i would cut so deep with my words.

so i was surprised by this.

but i was even more surprised to find out she didn't really believe in any of that bullshit either.

i almost pissed my pants i was so happy.

and we had a five hour long discussion on everything in life -- where we were, what we did, where we are, what we're doing -- and she told me i was her idol. am her idol.

despite all the fucking dumb shit i've done in my life, all the mistakes, the fuck-ups, the stumbles and falls, she looks up to me.



  1. Too cool! It will be nice for you to have a kindred spirit among your kin.

  2. mos def. we logical folk gotta stay close, especially at the reunions when being cornered and pressed by "the spirit of JESUS" is an entirely too common occurrence.