What would jesus do, mel gibson?

yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody makes mistakes.

but mel gibson makes a lot of them.

a lot of the same ones actually.

y'know, like, being a racist, being a sexist, being a fuck, being an asshole, being a selfish dick, just for starters...

but you also know that mel gibson is one of those CRAZY christians. one of those fundamentalists who sees the bible as being the literal word of sky daddy.

normally i'd strongly urge people to shut the fuck up if they brought that wwjd stuff in my face, but i guess mel could really do good by it. so, here's to hoping he starts.

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  1. If he would just keep his yap shut, no one would ever know how twisted his mind is. It's like his mouth has no "off switch". As I recall, alcohol has played a part there too. Well, alcohol has lubricated my vocal cords a time or two, as well. Made me tell my 2nd wife what I thought of her in front of a lot of people.