Can i give thanks?

i mean, does giving thanks imply some sort of acknowledged higher being? who should i give thanks to?

don't get me wrong, i'm a thankful person. appreciative. someone who doesn't take things for granted. i like to give credit ya know.

but i don't have to give thanks to an invisible sky daddy.

if anything, that just seems... fucking ridiculous.

"hey, thanks make-believe sandal guy!" "hey, thanks improvable thousand armed buddha!" "hey, thanks allah who i can't see, hear, touch, taste, feel!"

when one gives thanks like that, i think they're sorta missin' the point and crediting the wrong folks, ya know, the ones that are right here, right now, and totally provable.

(image via ursovain)


  1. No. "Give th' X" instead. That's like giving the finger, only it takes two hands, which makes it harder cuz that's like almost all of your hands.

  2. tried it today while driving. i like it but the car needs my hands so it doesn't hit innocent bystanders.