New atheism ad campaign

atheism, by nature, doesn't get good press. because the looney-bins have people everywhere. in many cases, people think of horned devils when they think of atheists.

and that sucks.

so i've started a new ad campaign for atheism. to get people on our side (the right side) quicker than anyone else, without any casualties, i've designed something that will get us goin' in the right direction:


  1. Whoooo! Where do I sign up?

    (Ignore the fact I was already an atheist, OK?)

  2. consider yourself signed up, kent! hot dang!

    more lovelies to come....

  3. Alexis dosen't endorese you bitch! Who you foolin'? Atheism is just as bullshit as religion. A religion of nothing... what a fucking waste of time.

  4. That's hi-larious, right there! "A religion of nothing..."? So, reality is "nothing"? Shows how the delusionoids "think" [sic] doesn't it.

    But yeah, the delusionoids claim atheism is a religion, so I guess, to them, an empty dog house contains a specific breed of dog.