Children are easy prey!

i know i've mentioned this before -- beat it into the ground perhaps -- but i don't fucking care 'cuz it's important.

fuck world hunger. fuck nuclear war. fuck all that. the minds of children are being hijacked every single day by crazy nutballs and no one flinches or says a thing.

leave a baby around a pack of dogs, and of course, eventually it will start acting like a dog.

leave a baby under the influence of close-minded, fairy-tale believin', religion-lovin' lunatics and you have reinforcements for the crazy-train army.

and that scares the shit out of me.


  1. Of course, the religilist will just come back at you with a classic "YOU TOO!" retort, which when dissected, breaks down into the idiotic "Your NON belief system is also a belief system" argument which relies on the fallacious pillars of proving a negative and ultimately, the burden of proof fallacy.

    My lack of belief in bronze age fairy tales is about as much of a belief system as the religilists non-belief in leprechauns is a belief system.

  2. you and i, browncoat, we's preachin to the choir. my answer to those who bring the argument described is:

    deep in the woods there's an 8-armed coyote that shits pristine ceramic vases out its ass.

    don't believe me? sound crazy? then fucking prove it's not true.

    that's how dumb that argument is.

  3. If atheism is a religion, then good health is a disease and an empty dog house actually just contains another breed of dog.

  4. oh my god i have this terrible disease called be healthy. fuck me!!!!!! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe i oughta pray about it hahaha.