Look, just bear with me

'cuz i know this is kinda long for a youtube vid, but man this little demonstration by carl sagan is what the kidz call the bomb shiznit or some shit like that.

flatland, people.

fucking flatland.

and carl sagan.

how can this not be the best 7 plus minutes on the interwebs.

i think it is.

i tried to explain this idea to my mother, who then slurred jesus at me, then didn't talk to me for a couple months.

spread at your own risk.


  1. I was lucky enough to have a physics teacher who went through this with the class and let us imagine the whole scenario out to the logical conclusions. Awesome mental exercise!

    I also like this rotating hypercube.

  2. yes! kent! that's it! so cool. i love stuff like that... i find it hilarious that religious folks find anything they can't (or won't take the time to) understand to be evil and threatening.