Tuning out the tunes

part of my running regimen has been taking one run a week and going without any music, no watch, no plan. just... walk out the door and...


just fucking run.

the feeling i get from that is reminiscent of being a kid, when i didn't have a care in the world other than right now, present... time and space. takes me back to my primal roots. and it fucking feels fantastic.

but i never even considered doing that regularly. i thought once a week was enough... just to keep me grounded. any more than that and i just assumed i'd burn out.

then a couple of weeks ago i dropped (and broke) my zune. i had to send it off to get fixed, which left me mp3-less for a week and i... got scared.

sure i'd gone once a week without tunes, but every day? what if i got bored? what if i lost that feeling?

i never got bored. i never lost that feeling. in fact, i woke up! tuned in! felt and experienced the world around me! as it was happening!

- - -

yesterday i ran a race with 30,000 other people. THIRTY THOUSAND PEOPLE. it was an awesome sight, all of us packed together, a natural experience vaguely akin to pack running on the hunt... except about half the people had earbuds jammed in their heads.

and they totally missed out on the raw ecstasy of communitas, rambling through the city streets, doing what it is we've been doing for hundreds of thousands of years...


just fucking running.

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