Bold face liar

i was talking to this woman and midway through the conversation she told me her mother had recently lost 200 pounds. shocked, i replied: "wow. that's great. how did she do it?"

"well, she really just prayed about it."

"uh... okay. but what did she do? diet? exercise? surgery? what?"

"she didn't do any of that. she just prayed about it."

"she just... prayed about it. prayed about it?"

"yeah. god's work is amazing."

(uh-MAY-zing. this fucking bitch. what, is she fucking nuts?)

"you mean to tell me she just prayed about it and she lost the weight? like magic? 200 pounds gone?"


"you're a liar."

"no. why would i lie about god's work?"

"you're a fucking liar. a delusional fucking cracked out liar." (i'm chuckling in disbelief as i say this)

"did you see the wire?" she quickly changed the subject.


they are real. they are crazy. they are fucking everywhere.

and they will destroy this planet some day.


  1. If the woman really did not change her behavior at all, and still lost 200 pounds, it probably means she has cancer or some other life-threatening disease. So I guess she can praise god for that "help".

  2. bottom line is, ain't no way you just will something to happen. jedi mind tricks only work in the movies. it's INFURIATING!