People often ask me, "what is the appeal of trance?"

and i reply:

(play the below video while you read this, maybe it'll help)

well, it starts... with a beat. a nice, steady, uptempo beat. it's a beat you can feel in your body. primordial in fact. we all have it. it's the beat we walk to when we're havin' a good day, feelin' on top of the world.

that's the muthafuckin' beat.

and then you have melody. a sweet, breath and air melody... that floats... it floats atop the beat. and we're feelin' good. and the melody waves and waves and it makes you smile. maybe it's a synth... maybe it's an acoustic guitar. a woman's voice. or maybe all three! or neither! or something else! but no matter what it is you hear it and you're uptempo, and your havin' a good day body can't help but smile to it. and move to it.

and that's the muthafuckin' melody.

it's all that's necessary. the breaks, the builds, the climax... all natural. organic to the beat and the melody. your body knows and the dj knows and it's a big communal revelation.

it's fucking bad ass.

it's the soundtrack to my life, too. seems to teeter back and forth between those dark, sometimes depressive minor keys... back and forth, forever it seems. and then, FINALLY, it...


i think that's pretty fucking cool.

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