You can't ctrl-s

one thing that gets me scratching my head a lot is the question WHY do religious folks feel the need to control everyone around them.

you MUST take jesus christ as your lord and savior.

you MUST stop and pray five times a day towards the direction of mecca.

you MUST give invisible sky daddy 10% of your fucking income.

as a human being there is only ONE person i can control. one. and that's me. myself. i can control me. you can control you. he can control himself.

that's it.

and we're not talking about policing ourselves, we're talking about beliefs. so don't give me that bullshit argument please.

stay out of my fucking business, stay out of my fucking bedroom, stay out of my fucking checkbook.


(image via 9GAG)


  1. You need a good confession my child (I know where you can get the happy ending also).
    Doh! Can I get a drum beat on that one?

  2. *bum ba-dum bum ba-dum bum ba-dum bum*