Does kirk cameron realize how much of a joke he really is?

embarrassing doesn't even come close to describing what this former teen heartthrob has become.

i mean, talk about some disturbing shit. these people are praying in circles before they do any work. i wonder if all that praying is what makes this movie possibly the most UNINTERESTING movie in the history of the universe.

seriously, i wouldn't force such torture on my worst enemy.


  1. My dentist tried playing this fucking retarded movie while I was in the chair. The hygienist even said something like "This is a real good movie, it's a Christian movie." She left the room for a sec and I grabbed the remote and turned it off. Needless to say, I have a new dentist now. (and he used to be so cool, playing Austin Powers and the like...guess he caught a bad case of delusion sometime over the last few years)

  2. What really sucks is that he had that hot blonde chick fired from 'Growing Pains' for posing in Playboy. WTF. She drew some ratings, as far as I'm concerned...