The giant talking vagina

this has inspired me to write my own giant talking vagina mythology.

i will then go town to town, spreading the word of the magnificently omnipotent pussy. i will write a book inspired by the words of the lady labia of our holy vulva.

i will make a lot of money.

(image via skull swap)


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  2. If L. Ron Hubbard can convince a bunch of morons that we're infested with alien thetan's I think you can sell pussy as a religion.
    Count me in.

  3. The merchandising potential is unlimited. Do we still get to scare the shit out of children with threats of eternal damnation too? OR maybe the threat of global yeast infections is enough to keep the masses in check? The beauty of religion is that you always get a chance to start a new one if the other one doesn't pan out. Just remember Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Pussy Performance.

  4. excellent alliteration, btb... and yes, bl, you're gonna have a high position in this church. the pussy power is in your hands.