Jesus all in yer ear and shit

do christians realize that their entire belief system rests on top of a wobbly oxymoron? funny how that peaceful, loving, accepting, forgiving jesus representation of 'god' will FUCKING DAMN YOU TO ETERNAL SUFFERING so easily, so quickly.

how in the world does that even make sense?

am i supposed to believe in the make-believe because jesus loves me so much or so i don't burn eternally in some fantastic fire land?

they never really address that.

but i know one thing: if it's both then it cancels itself out so in reality it's not actually there.



  1. That fraud stole wine drinking from Me!!! Where do you think they got the idea for angels? My Maenads that's where! The Bacchae will not be denied. So he knocked over some tables at the Temple...I crumble Corinthian Pillars and bring down Kings...Be-otch! I am the Bull. Stop dipping into your pockets and hording perverts. Run with me. Besides..we do IT out in the open. Fucking and drinking in the forest rocks!
    signed...you know who.

  2. hells yeah dionysus, you fuckin' rock!!!!