"Saudi man chains his son in the basement for six years because he is 'possessed by an evil female genie'"

sorry, but YOU try reading this article and not scratching your head so hard that your fingernail starts to touch bone.


this is a fucking joke right?

dude, this is so the right time to bring back a masterpiece of art, created by me, zelig skykiller, which tests the patience of muslims the world over for its ruthless (and probably accurate) depiction of the holy fucking prophet muhammad:


  1. Laughing raucously as I dance for Dionysus. Over here we call that catching your kid smashing the local hood-rat in your bed when they should have been at school and you come home early. He looks like Snoop Dog in a sheik sort of way.

  2. hehe. i love that you bring dionysus to the party each time. and 'hood-rat'... knowing that phrase is still in use is very comforting. i knew LOTS of hood-rats back in my younger days (wink, wink)