If i ruled the world...

... i'd make it ILLEGAL for idiots like those at christwire.org to have any say in the development of our race, earth, universe.


leave it to a bunch of sheltered, narrow-minded, uneducated FOOLS to lambaste a man for the types of characters (yes, made up, make-believe, NON-REALITY-LIVING characters) he played... a man who is about as relevant in modern day pop culture as charlie chaplin... a man who... ah, shit. nevermind.

they're immune to intelligence.

allergic to logic.

or, just plain, stupid.

- - -

thanks to A for the link.

also, still not sure if christwire.org is satire or not. been wondering out loud for a quite a while now. i wouldn't be suprised if indeed it is real.


  1. I wouldn't make it illegal, I'd just remove any prohibitions on exposing them as idiots, far and wide, while pointing and laughing loudly. After all, they are their own worst enemies. They make fools of themselves. I mean, come on... "Conservative values"? That's as silly as "liberal values".

    You are doing the best thing that can be done in a case like this by bringing it out in the open. The light of day makes these vampires wither.

  2. wither on ye vampires of the bronze age! wither on!

  3. I like the point and laugh method also! It's time someone innovates the stockade and reintroduces it into modern society.