Killing each other over imaginary friends

israel is now warning jews in the united states that iran is targeting them in a series of possible attacks.

same fucking ignorant story.

my imaginary friend is bigger and better than your imaginary friend.

for those religious moderates who still say we should just allow everyone to believe whatever it is they want, and let them do whatever it is they want to do when it comes to praising invisible sky daddies because it's IMPOLITE to pass judgement on such delusional idiocy, i ask you, AGAIN, are you ready to die because of these rampant running looney tunes!?!?!?

instead of allowing this sort of bloodshed to flourish, we should be focusing on educating the masses and informing them exactly why their delusions are not only asinine, but more important: DEADLY.

we wouldn't let some crazy math teacher run around telling our kids that 2+2=5 just because some nonsensical old book his daddy's daddy's daddy wrote during the bronze age said so.




  1. Maybe all humans should stay out of it and tell their imaginary friends to fight it out among themselves without any human help, and the sole soul survivor can then make a public announcement to the entire world, simultaneously, that it is settled and only one imaginary friend survives.

  2. Announcing the "Imaginary Friend Death Match"...