Embarrassment of morons

the complete moronic state of our society has left me with a hoarse voice. hoarse in real life and hoarse via the interwebs.

i feel like throwing my hands up in the air and saying I FUCKING QUIT, YOU FUCKING MINDLESS, INVISIBLE SKY DADDY LOVING TWERPS.

it seems like every single day there is a new wave, a new attack on logic and reason being waged. sometimes the battlefield is a school. sometimes it's a woman's womb. honestly, the "war zone" can be any-fucking-where these days.

today it just happens to be utah.

it's shit like this that really gets me pissy.

y'know, in real life, i'm a very nice guy. i'm polite. i'm conscious of my surroundings, of how my actions may affect others. i'm not perfect, but i'm very AWARE of how my existence needs to be in tune with my environment. i don't try to force my ideas or beliefs on anyone. i keep to myself. sure i use this space as a sounding board for what is on my mind at any given time, but i don't go knockin' down peoples' doors, tellin' them how they should live.

unfortunately, i'm in the minority. the majority, on the other hand, finds it NECESSARY to police my sexy time parts, to crawl up inside womanhood's vaj and make decisions for her without her input. the majority tells our youth they should believe in invisible friends who practice bad science and that if they're good and do what they're told, they'll be able to live forever and maybe even get 72 virgins to fuck for eternity.

it leaves me tired. it leaves me sad.

i think i already know the answer to this question, but i still have to ask it: will the blanket idiocy EVER go away?


  1. lol guess he really quit.

    Have a nice life I spose :/