Reading sky daddy's invisible mind

one of the myriad ways xtrian delusionoids (and those of other religions as well) make me shake my head is their unwavering faith that they KNOW what "god" wants -- that they know what kind of god he is, how he'd react in certain situations, etc.

i find it particularly odd (and terrifying) that these freakshows say they KNOW this god so well, despite the fact that they still can't prove he exists and that their worldviews are based on poor bronze age storytelling.

if you KNOW god is such a supporter of women, why does his book repeatedly treat them like shit? like property? why does he make it okay for them to be ruled by their husbands and sons?

i simply don't understand how such a delusional lot can be so sure of its unfounded fantasyland other than to simply say: THEY'RE FUCKING CRAZY.

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