Tell it

lately i've been finding myself increasingly angry at the complete stupidity of our society. in fact, i spend so much time being frustrated with the ignorant status quo, that i am fucking tired, man. i am so TIRED of trying to wake people up to the realities of modern day living that i just feel like crawling into a hole and disappearing for a while because shit seems to just get worse. crazytrains like santorum and delusional nitwits like the fat cats in congress continue to embarrass our species and it seems like they're only gaining momentum.

it's fucking scary.

D&E tells it straight.


  1. Thanks for bringing D&E to my attention. Great blog.

  2. she's an awesome blogger. i only wish she'd write more! dig through her archives though if you're bored. i've read every single post and they're all hilarious and/or worth the read.

  3. That was excellent except for the last part about congress "creating jobs". If the jobs "created" are funded by our tax dollars, then the only thing that's been created is more dependents.