Oh please, save me the sob story

despite rick perry's delusional worldview, there is no obama war on religion. rather, just the government (crooked as they are) doing well to keep religion out of the affairs of the state -- LIKE THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION CLEARLY SAYS.

of course, you will have a hard time explaining this to a christian delusionoid, because essentially his/her brain operates at a base that assumes there's an invisible sky daddy up above who can hear his/her every thought.

and 'tis the season for said delusionoids to proclaim themselves as social martyrs, for them to fight back semantics and remind us that they won't allow the secular media to tarnish its precious lexicology.

of course, this must also mean that they're ready to give back the season and celebrations of the winter solstice, the original holiday celebrated on december 25th, the same one christianity tried to snuff out with their own brand of ridiculous.

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