Kentuckiana: land of the deranged (yet polite!)

spent another weekend at my sister's in louisville recently. man, jeebus is alive and IN YER FACE down there. everywhere i looked was jesus this and jesus that and pray for this and pray for my gonorrhea to go away. and even the religious moderates (the worst of them all in my opinion for they don't challenge what they KNOW to be insane) seem to be okay with letting the delusionoids dictate ALL.

but everyone is so damn polite, so i guess there's that.

my sister and her fam are pretty cool about not shoving that shit down my throat, but they (much like most of the kentuckianans i've met) make sure it is known that THEY are believers and THEY will not back down, which, in a way, is just as judgmental and elitist without precedents as trying to convert me and tellin' me i'm goin' to hell.

i really like the area, but man it'd be tough getting used to all that crazy if i were ever to move there.


  1. It's worse here in the panhandle of TX.

    When I lived in PA it was amusing to me that people who lived rather out-of-control lives (lots of drinking and random sex - not saying that's bad in any way) kept pushing the Jesus thing at me and telling me I should believe. Even though I behaved much more "Christian" than they did. At least until I decided the out-of-control drinking and random sex looked to good to pass up.

  2. Whoever the hell Ken McManigal is, he should be an evangelist. That comment would work on me. Shit.

  3. random sex and drinking will always trump everything.