If you are willing to be disturbed...

...then PLEASE watch this scary-as-shit video. you'll quickly learn that the new hand of god is cool and hip (at least, i think that's what they were going for).

either way, this in the zone shit might scare the fuck out of you.

and yes, the participants are real.

(found at the museum of idolatry)


  1. Yep. Disturbing.

    Their "god's eye view" camera shot shows just how oblivious they really are.

    Even as an atheist I understand that for god to be as they claim, he would see them from every angle at once, inside/outside, encompassing the past, future, present "simultaneously", down to the level of the individual quarks (or quantum fluctuations) that make up their atoms.

    They have such a tiny, limited perspective... I guess that's why they feel the need to believe in a god.

  2. kent, these people are scary as fuck!!! beyond delusional!!! i can't get over how sure of themselves they are with absolutely zero to back up their outlandish claims.