The gatti/ward inspiration train

pro boxing hasn't been good for a while. like, a long while.

sure, the pacquiao/marquez matchups have offered us a hint at what boxing could be, but in the end, they've been controversially disappointing. not since gatti/ward has a legitimate (and dramatic) storyline developed.

so, it's gatti/ward that i go back to. often. all three fights are on youtube in their entirety, and all three fights put tingles on the back of my neck.

but nothing does it like round 9 of their first matchup -- what ring magazine called "the round of the century".

as a long distance runner, i find great inspiration in people who soldier on through pain, in people who fight til the end and never give up. i like to think of myself as one of them -- that i'm a fighter, that even if you kick me when i'm down, i'll just keep getting back up and the only way you'll stop me is if you kill me.

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  1. You're knowledge of God is about as on as your knowledge of boxing.
    There's been much in boxing to be happy about in spite of the drama with pac and may.