One ornery muthafucka

i've always been known in my family as "the ornery one". i like to stir up shit if i'm bored. not sayin' that's a good thing, but i have been known to do it.

and as jesus day approaches, i'm gettin' bored with all the traditional christmas bullshit.

so, i was thinkin', maybe the best christmas present would be the stuff i've written here. yeah... i'll take all the entries i've written on sky god! and have them published as a book i can give to all my delusionoid relatives!!!!

hey, dummy who believes in unicorns, happy fucking christmas! now read this shit and get over yourself!

i dunno.

think it'd go over well?


  1. We'll be dancing and reveling around Christmas Tree pyres in the forest tonight. Come dressed in your best leopard skin. There will be plenty of wine on hand. Don't be late for the goat sacrifice. The Bacchae will also be performing cover tunes for our entertainment.
    You know where to find us.
    signed...the Big "D"